Experience the joy of Jesus by spending time with and investing in the kids and parents of our beautiful community.

Join Nery's Promise. Join a family.

We are all innate givers, born with a love for giving: whether giving our time, our efforts, or our money. Nery’s Promise offers a great chance to quench that part of us that looks for ways of giving back and loving our neighbors.

Being part of this ministry is becoming part of a family. We all have the same goal: to enrich the precious children of our community while helping to break the cycle of poverty. Words can hardly describe the experience of being part of like-minded volunteers who work by your side making a difference.

If you think you have nothing to give, come volunteer at Nery’s Promise to find your unique gifts! We each possess a heart to give, whether it be to teach a skill or to simply show up, smile, and lend a helping hand. Many times, a smile is all these children need.

Schedule a visit and let’s talk about how you can serve a little or a lot. We are all part of a thriving, growing mission that’s changing lives, and we continually welcome good folks onboard to help us serve the families of Richmond.

Who should get involved at Nery's Promise?

  • Church Groups

    Have a group of adults and/or teens looking for community service opportunities? Reach out to us and schedule a day to bring your group for a fun day of service and fellowship.

  • Richmond Residents

    We eagerly welcome parents and friends of the kids in our community to share ownership in strengthening our community and caring for kids.

  • You!

    Whoever you are, wherever you live, and whatever you have to give, we'd love for you to be part of what God is doing in our community on a one-time or ongoing basis.


What our volunteers are saying:

    "Nery makes volunteering there such a delight. It is like I am the only volunteer she has when talking and planning.


    "Not only does Nery's provide basic needs, but also spiritual. I love the relationships with the volunteers and students and their families. Knowing that you are making a big difference in the community is huge."


    "I love volunteering at Nery's Promise because I get to meet direct needs in the North Richmond community and spread the life-changing news of the Gospel!"


    "I love working with the children and helping them with math and reading, as well as teaching them to play educational games. We've gotten to know each other and I so look forward to seeing them each week!"


    "Ms. Nery is a gift from God and she lives her life as a gift to God and all God’s children. What a blessing she is to so many! It is an honor and a privilege to volunteer with Nery’s Promise, knowing how many lives are directly impacted."


    "Nery's commitment to God and the families of her neighborhood is rare. I felt led to help her as soon as I met her. Her passion is infectious."


    "At Nery's Promise we both love tutoring because we've have met so many wonderful children and families. Watching the children grow in their reading skills and fostering a love for reading is an amazing blessing hard to describe. Very rewarding."

    Kelli & Kenadi

    "I am a retired teacher so it is a true blessing for me to get to work with children again. I began volunteering to help others, but I think I have been blessed a hundred times more!!"


Ready to volunteer? Here's how to get started:

  • Submit an interest form.

    Let us know how you’d like to get involved: whether it be leading a Bible study, cooking a meal, stuffing holiday baskets, or any of our many service opportunities throughout the year.

  • Apply and schedule a visit.

    One of our team members will get back to you with a volunteer application and background check to complete. 

    Once we process your application, we’ll schedule a time for you to come out to Richmond for orientation.

  • Make a difference!

    Put your time and resources to great use, knowing you're making a difference in the lives of your neighbors.