Help us continue to bless our local families with classes, meals, gifts, events, and the love of Jesus.

Thanks to donors like you, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

Your donations go directly the fulfilling needs in our community: like programming, meals, computers, gift baskets, clothing, medical visits, and more.

Thanks to our donors, we’re able to make sure each and every family in Richmond has the resources they to provide a positive, safe, nurturing environment for everyone in their household.



“Nery’s Promise is very generous and shares the generosity of all who give to their mission.

I’m thoroughly impressed at the magnitude of this small organization. They even sponsored my son Nathaniel for the Lamar Little League – his first year in baseball! Thank all of you who donate to this place.

Nery’s Promise is very organized and trustworthy and a very good steward of all that she receives from all the donors in the Fort Bend area. You are a blessing; as is Nery’s Promise to my family and my community. Thank you!”


Richmond Resident