What We Do

We emphasize education and the importance of graduating to each who attend Nery’s Promise. 

We joyfully serve families in the community regardless of their religion, age, race, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

Our dedication and involvement with our local community are hands-on. We arrange transportation for those that otherwise are unable to attend Primary Care appointments. We help our youth obtain a Social Security card and birth certificate.  Our goal is to hone them into productive adults.

We serve at least five well-balanced, home-cooked meals each week to the families we serve.

We have Tuesday bible studies for various age groups, consisting of teaching the children about God and the love God has for them.

Saturday morning, we teach ESL to the adults and reading skills to the children. 

Sunday morning, we escort a large bus of children and adults to Riverpointe Church.


Doug Goff

Susie Goff

JoLea Conn

Lucinda Cortez

Nery Salazar – Mandi Bronsell – Ray Aguilar – Katie Hargis – Amye Jones – Jack Molho – Eric Junker – Dee Knox – Trever Nehls – ReNae Scott

Catherine Clague

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday

Phone: 281-762-7627
Email: [email protected]

Address: 230 Collins Rd
Richmond, TX 77469

OUR MISSION STATEMENT:  Introducing our community’s children and families to God.

OUR VISION STATEMENT: Through our faith-based programs, we train and equip children and young adults to succeed, placing God at the center of their lives.

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