About Us

Our Priorities

We Emphasize Family, Education and the Importance of Graduating

We believe in preparing the children of our communities for adulthood. We stress the importance of eduction, offering them hands-on tutoring and mentoring.

We believe God and family are fundamental to a child’s health and wellbeing. And so we proactively engage in the various needs of each child, from providing rides to essential appointments such as dental and medical, to teaching them basic life skills that will give them their best chance later as adults.

Our Approach

We Equip Them for Life

Children of our community have a 24/7 open invitation to our services. We truly care about advancing and serving in whatever capacity needed.

We’re thrilled to see large turnouts at our weekly bible studies! We’re seeing results as those studies instill values, high ethics, hope, and confidence.

We also offer computer classes. We have a wide array of computers for children to not only learn important technical skills that will keep them ahead of the game, but also to provide them tools to held with their school work.

Our Story

Built on a Promise

Nery Salazar made a promise to God years ago, and she has been faithful with her promise since.

She committed herself to service and to making a difference in the lives of children in her community.

Her astounding success has garnered the attention and loyal support of local businesses and individuals. Nery has built a formidable haven for children and families in and around the Richmond area, and her vision for the coming years is inspiring as well as impressive.